Board of Directors

Decorah Community School District Mission Statement

Committed to creating a student-centered environment where individual needs are addressed, cooperation and teamwork are valued, competent professionals lead, community partnerships flourish, a commitment to excellence prevails, and lifelong learning continues.

 DCSD Board


Board of Education

Ronald Fadness, President
Term expires - 2017
(563) 380-2026

Melanie Tietz, Vice President
Term expires - 2015
(563) 382-4779

Brian Petersburg
Term expires - 2015
(563) 382-3627

John Hjelle
Term expires - 2015
(563) 382-9696

Cindy Schissel
Term expires - 2017
(563) 380-2040

About Us

Welcome to the Decorah Community School District's website. Decorah is located in northeast Iowa, and is dedicated to providing instructional services to 1700 students from early childhood through twelfth grade.

Shareholders' Vision

Education is the responsibility of all residents of the Decorah Community. We believe in creating an environment that is student-centered, where individual needs are addressed, and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

We value cooperative teamwork among students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators, and community. This begins with an attitude of openness and mutual respect, honest listening and expression, the flexibility to respond to change, and the ability to compromise. The strengths of each school and community member should be recognized and used to their fullest potential.

We believe that community resources should be maximized to meet student needs and professional development of school staff should be encouraged.  All citizens of the Decorah Community School system should have a commitment to excellence and a shared responsibility to support life-long learning.

Community Support

The community's support of our curricular and co-curricular programs contributes immensely to the success of our students. Together we strive to fulfill the District's vision for a "student centered environment where a commitment of excellence prevails."